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  • October 26, 2017

Oculus Rift presently has full room-scale tracking

Oculus Rift presently has full room-scale tracking

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What’s broadly regarded as among the best feature of HTC’s Vive headset has become fully supported on Facebook’s Oculus Rift-room-scale motion tracking. Now when you put onto a Rift headset and walk around, your movements is going to be taken and duplicated in VR.

Oculus has worked on adding room-scale motion tracking for a while now, since its Touch motion controllers continued purchase last December. However, it had been listed being an “experimental” feature in the last 1.14 form of the Rift software. Then two days ago, Oculus added room-scale motion tracking to the 1.15 update, which at that time was readily available for public testing. That update has become like a reliable release for those Rift proprietors, and therefore room-scale tracking has become the official feature from the Rift.

This adds a brand new degree of immersion to VR. Just before adding room-scale motion tracking, movements were restricted to sitting or standing in a single place using the Rift discovering 360-degree mind and hands movements. You can now walk around an area. As before, this involves three sensors (using two sensors for 360-degree tracking continues to be listed as experimental).

The Fir.15 software update also adds an alert whenever you plug your Rift headset in to the wrong GPU on your computer. This seems both during setup so when navigating to Settings > Devices.

Additionally, Oculus added a notification when anti-virus software blocks installing a credit card applicatoin. The organization also added a brief video about safety while using the Rift and Touch, with an optional toggle for safety and health reminders inside the UI.

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