Vanquish PC glitch deals out more damage at greater framerates – EpicGameCon

Vanquish PC glitch deals out more damage at greater framerates

Vanquish PC glitch deals out more damage at greater framerates

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Laptop Computer port of Vanquish, released yesterday, is reliable and fun by using it: “An excellent port of the entertainingly subversive cover shooter,” as Phil place it. But it appears as though it might are afflicted by an insect or more that are not entirely uncommon in PC ports of older console games, as based on this publish on NeoGAF, the harm that players originate from opponents is associated with the framerate, and also the greater your FPS, the faster you receive pasted.

“I have tested this multiple occasions while using AR mode tutorial (the part where opponents shoot to you a lot to be able to demonstrate auto AR) and also you take a lot more damage when playing at greater framerates,” GAF user Wesker described. “Should you lock the framerate to 30FPS AR mode will activate after 6-7 seconds of taking enemy fire but when you are playing in a greater framerate, like 60FPS, it’ll activate in only 1-2 seconds.”

He published a set of animated GIFs to show the problem: At 30 fps, Mike staggers four or five occasions more than a length of about six seconds prior to the screen goes red, but at 60 fps-after which the harm difference apparently stops scaling-he only staggers once, and it takes only another or more, before he’s in danger. Animated GIFs are simple to fake, but numerous people have stated in follow-up comments that they have had similar encounters with suddenly deadly opponents.

As odd because it appears, this bug isn’t unparalleled: A really similar issue associated with weapon and armor degradation rates plagued laptop computer discharge of Dark Souls 2. This problem was fixed in relatively short order, and hopefully that one is going to be too. I have arrived at to Sega to learn more concerning the problem, and can update basically get a reply. As well as for more animated action, make sure to take a look at these “9 sweet Vanquish GIFs that demonstrate why laptop computer version rules”-even if it’s unfairly kicking your ass.

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