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WWDC: Apple previews next OS X release

WWDC: Apple previews next OS X release

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WWDC: Apple previews next OS X release

Apple presented the forthcoming form of Mac OS X (code-named Jaguar), offered new software programs, and announced that the rack-mount server obtained care of at WWDC 2002 (the world Developer’s Conference) yesterday.

Apple Chief executive officer Jobs delivered a keynote speech to spread out the session in the San Jose Convention Center. He presented the following OS X release, code-named “Jaguar,” and new software which will ship using the OS. Jaguar is placed for release late this summer time.

Jaguar ought to be the operating-system that developers concentrate on to any extent further – as Apple has stopped developing on OS 9 internally, Jobs stated.

“Please join me in just a minute of silence once we remember a classic friend – Mac OS 9,” Jobs stated throughout his keynote. “It isn’t dead for the customers yet, but it’s dead for you personally.Inches

Jobs put OS 9, symbolized with a giant software program, to relax inside a black coffin that rose up from beneath the stage.

To enhance Jaguar, Jobs unveiled new email software iChat (an immediate-messaging application) technology for identifying different computers on the network along with a handwriting-recognition application, known as ‘Inkwell’.

Also, he stated the organization will announce a rack-based server in a few days.

Rack ’em up

“On May 14th, we’re presenting our first server inside a lengthy time,” Jobs stated. “It’s a rack-mount server, however i can’t provide you with many details.” Jobs wouldn’t release any technical specifications for that server, saying users will have to hold back until in a few days. An incomplete picture from the server proven in the keynote revealed a silver and black design, suggesting Apple’s penchant for stylish hardware.

Apple will unveil the Inkwell handwriting-recognition application using the Jaguar release. Miracle traffic bot prompts an online notepad to look on screen, and turns text joined having a pen right into a font identified by the pc. The Inkwell technology works across applications, allowing a person to alter the written text inside a headline of the Illustrator document in order to write several sentences in Ms Word, for instance.

Jobs also says Apple would ship QuickTime 6, including MPEG-4 support, with Jaguar.

Apple has additionally updated features in the email software, presenting better junk e-mail-filtering, and improved tools for categorizing messages. The organization complemented this using its new iChat software for immediate-messaging. Mac users can use their Mac.com screen names as identification for chatting, and also the Apple messaging product interoperates with AOL’s popular AIM im program.

“It’s the very first time America online has let anybody underneath the tent,” Jobs stated. America online continues to be fighting to avoid other providers of im software from interoperating with AIM.

Share and share alike

Probably the most interesting inclusions in Jaguar is going to be Apple’s Rendezvous technology that lets computers and devices share information with one another. Inside a demonstration, Jobs’ pc could see and play all the songs on the laptop several ft away. When the laptop was switched on, it used Rendezvous to inform the desktop it had been present after which used a radio link with allow the computers share music files. We’ve got the technology also enables computers to talk about files having a printer or handheld device for example Apple’s ipod device Music player.

Apple will push for Rendezvous to get a business standard, Jobs stated. We’ve got the technology is similar to Sun’s Jini software, that has been billed for computers to ‘announce’ their presence on the network and share information.

Jobs also shown the Quarta movement Extreme middleware feature for dealing with 2D, 3D, and video images. Apple made the decision to deal with many imaging-related tasks on the graphics-card, and “free in the CPU” to operate on other jobs. Throughout the presentation, Apple demonstrated several 3D objects rotating over 2D pictures – with video running without anyone’s knowledge. The program made an appearance to operate easily at each step.

“We think we’re a minimum of 2 yrs in front of the other guys here maybe further,” Jobs stated.

Apple has additionally added ease of access features to Jaguar to assist users with disabilities. The OS includes a zoom tool to make text appear bigger on screen, along with a feature that reads text aloud whenever a cursor passes regarding this. Jobs accepted the written text-to-voice technology might be improved, however, because the voice sounded jerky in demonstrations here.

“We’re looking for some good text-to-speech technology,” he quipped.

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